Your side-streams

Upcycle your side-streams in situ

UPCYCLINK helps you to valorize at its best a wide spectrum of residues.


Coming from different sources

  • Animal: meat, fish dairy, egg
  • Vegetal: cereal, fruit, vegetable, oil crop
  • Marine or land

Across the food supply chain

  • Primary production
  • Processing & Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Retail

Recover green marketable products

Recover high added value products from your residues for a wide range of application

Get products you know how to use - Upcyclink

Get products you are familiar with

food loss and waste
into the food supply chain.

Get products to expand your range - Upcyclink

Get products to expand your range

Mince, Bits & Pieces, Scrape meat
Intermediate food products
Feed & Petfood commodities

Get new products for new markets - Upcyclink

Get new products for new markets

Proteins, Oil, Minerals
Ingredients for feed, food & cosmetic
Biofertilizers and biostimulants

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A wide range of application

Food-Byproduct - Upcyclink biovalue makers (2)
Feed-Byproduct - Upcyclink biovalue makers
Soil-Byproduct - Upcyclink biovalue makers

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