The UPCYCLINK experience

Our solutions in partnership with our customers.


Explore the potential of your biomass and start your project on the right footing with our expertise !


Material balance

Identify the potential of your co-products and optimize your yields with our loss prevention and recycling recommendations.


Study of opportunities

Find market opportunities (prices, trends, buying criteria, competition,…) and benefit from our contacts with potential buyers.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Identify the project’s GHG reduction potential relative to the baseline.


Process development

Experiment with innovative recovery processes thanks to our laboratory or pilot scale tests, and benefit from the Research Tax Credit approval.

Engineering & Industrialization

Once your strategy is defined, facilitate the implementation of your project with our turnkey and customized solutions!


Technical and economic feasibility study

Benefit from a tailor-made support.


  • Definition of recovery processes and tests
  • Technical solution, equipment list and semi-industrial tests
  • CAPEX/OPEX, profitability, help in finding financing
  • Development of target products and pilot batches
  • Development of recipes

Design, engineering and commissioning

Get a solution that meets your process needs, scalable to support the upgrade.


  • Customized plant design and engineering
  • Assistance with commissioning
  • Long-term technology transfer
  • Annual evaluation of the solution’s greenhouse gas emissions

Our technologies

We design a flexible unit which can integrate several modules

Stabilized products from bio-waste - upcyclink


To separate contents from their container

Washing for reconversion - upcyclink


With sorting and washing operations

Transformation bio-waste - Upcyclink


To disrupt the tissues by physical treatments

solubilize the biomass by physical- and bio-processes - Upcyclink


To solubilize the biomass by physical- and bio-processes

Separation of several substances - Upcyclink


To separate fractions & fractionate the liquids

Fractionation to separate compounds - upcyclink


To separate compounds on their physical properties

Stabilization biomass - Upcyclink


In order to avoid spoilage (e.g. thermal treatments)

Stabilized products from bio-waste - upcyclink


To store stabilized products into manageable containers

Upcyclink supports you

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