The UPCYCLINK experience

We propose turn key projects, from diagnostic to markets :

Step n°1 :

We quantify and qualify your by-products

Quantification: volume, actual full cost of wastes & losses
Qualification: material balance and quality of side-streams

Step n°2 :

We identify business opportunities

Identification of potential markets (food, feed, agri, nutraceutics...)
Market studies
Connection with potential buyers

Step n°3 :

We study the technical and economic feasibility

Proposal of manufacturing processes and validation by semi-industrial tests ;
Definition of necessary equipment, and workshop/factory design ;
Development of target products and pilot batches & presentation to potential buyers ;
Evaluation of the project costs, business model & business plan and estimation of IRR ;
Transfer technology agreement : this contract establishes the license related to the industrial exploitation of the Upcyclink’s know-how.

Step n°4 :

We design, scale up and commission the recovery unit

Scaling and Design: facilities-related engineering.
Industrial Commissioning:

Test phase to validate the facility’s operations,
Production of an intermediate stock for potential buyers ,

Transfer of practical know-how.

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The upcyclink experience, in practice

We design a flexible unit which can integrate several modules

Stabilized products from bio-waste - upcyclink


To separate contents from their container

Washing for reconversion - upcyclink


With sorting and washing operations

Transformation bio-waste - Upcyclink


To disrupt the tissues by physical treatments

solubilize the biomass by physical- and bio-processes - Upcyclink


To solubilize the biomass by physical- and bio-processes

Separation of several substances - Upcyclink


To separate fractions & fractionate the liquids

Fractionation to separate compounds - upcyclink


To separate compounds on their physical properties

Stabilization biomass - Upcyclink


In order to avoid spoilage (e.g. thermal treatments)

Stabilized products from bio-waste - upcyclink


To store stabilized products into manageable containers

Upcyclink supports you

To make your project easier and productive, in full or for one or more steps.

Interested in what we can do for your business ?