Our vision : Waste is the resources

Considering waste as a resource saves the resource and solves the waste problem.


UPCYCLINK is committed to a blue economy approach.

The blue economy is an economic model inspired by natural ecosystems, which claims to meet basic needs by valorizing what is available locally and by transposing nature’s prowess to an industrial scale. This concept is based on the principles of the circular economy, a source of employment, where each waste would become a resource for another activity.

Upcyclink’s circular model

Our approach fits in different fields of the circular economy :

Circular thinking upcyclink


Upcycling is fundamentally based on recovering low-value food losses and returning this material to the supply chain as a value-added product.
Upcyclink “upcycles” food for the purposes for which it was originally intended: this usually means that if food still fits human consumption, it should feed people. If not, it should be reused to feed livestock and plants.

Circular approach - upcyclink

Circular thinking

Upcyclink aims to create a transformation of the acutely linear food system into a circular model with high value of products where agro-residue previously considered as “waste” actually has value. We treat your sidestreams in situ, before they become waste, and convert them into clean & green marketable products.

Sharing, circular economy values - Upcyclink


Upcyclink’s technology enables the recovery of a sustainable supply of competitively priced raw materials and products on demand with a wide range of applications from field to plate, offering a redistribution of value to all stakeholders.

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