Seafood valorization


Produits de la mer, the seafood industry’s news magazine, has published a comprehensive feature on co-products in its April-May 2022 issue 212.


It includes an interview with our CEO, Jean-Pascal Bergé, and the valorization pyramid resulting from his research (article “Nothing is wasted in fish”) as well as a focus on the solutions offered by Upcyclink to fish merchants for a complete in situ recovery of their co-products. Excerpts.



“Salvaging the flesh to sell it on the pulp market, making prepared dishes such as brandades or fish balls, manufacturing soil enriching products or using enzymatic hydrolysis to generate oils, protein concentrates and clean bones, these are the types of valorization which could easily be done by fishmongers and other producers of marine co-products. So claims the young company Upcyclink, which offers a
turnkey solution to help producers set up a co-product processing unit in or near their production site.”





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